EG_Classic V6 T-Shirt(V6 Tシャツ) EG-Classic-V6


  • サイズ

・EG grenade Co.社ロゴTシャツ
・50% コットン / 50% ポリエステル

・Small :胸囲 98cm、着丈 70cm、
・Medium:胸囲 100cm、着丈 73cm、
・Large : 胸囲 106cm、着丈 75cm、
・Extra Large: 胸囲 114cm、着丈 78cm、
・Extra Extra Large: 胸囲 118cm、着丈 81cm、

General Features
Just like old Fords never die, the EG Classic T-Shirt is the logo shirt that lives on. Each version released has small differences giving them originality. This is the V6. The olive logo has been switched for black and our infamous slogan can be found across your back.

All EG shirts are born to fade, like a good set of jeans. Our T-shirts are made with a ‘hug’ fit… It’s not a skinny cut, but it’s not generous either. What is important here is how do the arms fit? Snugger than your average T-shirt and designed to highlight your guns – don’t be ashamed! It’s the ideal fit for your every day superhero – YOU!
  • サイズ